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Casola Valsenio




Address: Via Roma,50
Telephone: 0546/976530
Fax: 0546/73909
E-mail: segreteria@comune.casolavalsenio.ra.it
Website: www.comune.casolavalsenio.ra.it

Tourist offices:

Casola Valsenio together with Brisighella streches along the hilly part of the Province of Ravenna and the Romagna Apennines with its culture, economy, environment and customs.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, this part of the Senio valley was colonised around the end of the first millennium with the foundation of the Valsenio Benedictine Abbey. In the following centuries the central economic, political and social functions centred around the castles and fortresses on the hills for example the Casola castle, destroyed in 1216 by an army from Faenza. Those fleeing from the castle took sheltter in the village located below on a kind of natural terrace above the River Senio where it flows into the Casola stream. Over the centuries the village spread south following the left embankment of the river.

After the second world war the economic and social order of the locality was heavily damaged by the exodus of sharecropping families on to the plains, or to the bottom of the valley (today intensively cultivated) and towards the Provincial capital which has developed greatly over the last forty years.


Altitude: m. 195 a.s.l.
Population: 2.876
Density (Inhab. /kmq): 34,07 ab/Kmq
Surface area (kmq): Kmq 84,40

To reach Casola: from north A14 motorway, exit Imola. Take the Via Emilia towards Rimini to Castelbolognese then take the SP 306 for about 16 Km. From south A14 exit at Faenza. Take the Via Emilia towards Bologna to Castelbolognese then take the SP 306 for about 16 Km.

Additional notes:
Casola Valsenio distance from: Florence Km. 80 approx. Ravenna Km. 60 Sea Km. 70, Bologna Km. 60. Motorway: Imola Exit Km. 32, Faenza Exit Km. 32. Main Roads: State Road SS 306. Provincial Road: SP 70 from Casola Valsenio to Fontanelice, SP 63 from Casola Valsenio to Zattaglia. Railway Station Castelbolognese Km. 20 approx,. The bus station is in Riolo Terme about Km. 11, there are connections between Casola Valsenio and the main centres such as Imola and Faenza.


Last updated: 15/04/2021