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Terre di Faenza

You can visit the “Terre di Faenza” by means of a circuit that links them like pearls on a necklace: Faenza, an ancient town where art and elegance lie resting on the first slopes; Brisighella whose outlines blend with the rough lines of the rocks in which it is set; CasolaValsenio, a gem in the hills, with a heritage of medicinal herbs; Riolo Terme whose spa waters spring from the meanders of its Chalk Vein; Castel Bolognese, a proud bastion where elegant bronzes embellish its precious corners; and Solarolo, a hill that becomes a plain, ancient history that becomes the present.

ITINERARY: Point of departure is Faenza (Bologna-Ancona motorway A14, or Via Emilia): musts include the old town centre, the museums, the local quarters and the numerous ceramic works decorating public places. A detour of 8 km brings you to the Oriolo Tower.

Leave Faenza and head towards Brisighella, 9 kilometres away on SS302, along the River Lamone Valley. In this mediaeval and spa centre, do not miss the old village with the characteristic Via degli Asini. The Spa is 1 km. away in the direction of Modigliana. Going 1 km. in the direction of Fognano will take you to the Tho Parish Church and the Brisighella Olive-Oil Open Air Museum.

Leave Brisighella climbing SP23 (direction Riolo Terme) towards the three hills that dominate the latter, After 1 km. you come to the Rocca, the Clock Tower (half km. detour to the right on dirt track) and the Monticino Sanctuary. Having passed the hills, a fascinating landscape of erosion furrows appears, and after 4 km. you come to the left turn for Carnč Park (2 km.). The route between Brisighella and Riolo Terme offers marvellous views, dominated by the peak of Monte Mauro, heart of the Chalk Vein, reached by taking the narrow Valle del Sintria in the direction of Zattaglia: a 5 km. secondary road, three-quarters asphalted, leads to the little church at the top. Descending to Zattaglia proceed to Casola Valsenio on the SP23, also called The Lavender Road.

Crossing the River Senio you arrive in Casola Valsenio (10 km.). After visiting the village take the SS306 in the direction of Riolo Terme and turn left into the SP70 that leads to the Herb Garden (1 km.) and the Rocca di Monte Battaglia (8 km.).

Back on SS306, after just 1 km. you come to the Cardello and after another 2 km. Valsenio Abbey. Riolo Terme is 10 km. away and you pass by the Spa. Immediately afterwards, with a 1.5 km. detour, you come to the Riolo Golf & Country Club on the right. The old town centre of Riolo Terme is dominated by the 14th Century Rocca and enclosed within the city walls from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Senio Valley. From Riolo Terme proceed on the SS306 in the direction of Castel Bolognese where you will arrive after 8 km. In the centre, visit the Angelo Biancini Open Air Museum.

One last visit not to be missed: the Scodellino Mill which you reach from the station of Castel Bolognese, turning right into Via S. Croce and, after 200 m., left into Via Canale. Go on for 700 m. and park near the crossroads, then proceed on foot. When you come back to the crossroads turn left then, after 200 m., right into the SP10 and continue to Solarolo. Following the signs towards Faenza, after 8 km. you pick up the A14 motorway.


Last updated: 4/06/2013