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Comune di Castelbolognese




Address: Piazza Bernardi, 1
Telephone: 0546/655811
Fax: 0546/55973
E-mail: urp@comune.castelbolognese.ra.it
Website: http://www.comune.castelbolognese.ra.it

Tourist offices:

Castelbolognese was founded by the Senato of Bologna towards the end of 1300 as an outpost for the defence of their territories and was subdued to the town of Bologna until the end of 1700.

The original boundary wall was partially destroyed by Cesare Borgia, called Il Valentino, in 1501, but it was rebuilt soon after. Apart from some parts of the boundary wall, a few towers and some traces of the recently restored fortress, few traces of the past are still preserved today.

The archaeological material found in the territory of Castelbolognese is in the "Museo Civico Umberto I", which houses the Art Gallery where many works of art of artists from Castelbolognese can be admired.

Additional notes:
Since 1955 you can admire in Castelbolognese some important sculptures made by Angelo Biancini in its squares, streets and avenues, thus creating a valuable open air Museum.


Surface area (kmq): 41 m
Map references: 40 km from Ravenna

Motorway exitA 14 (Imola and Faenza)Train lines Bologna - Ancona; Ravenna - Castelbolognese

Last updated: 15/04/2021