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"La Corolla delle Ginestre" – mountain bike loop


Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: From Parco Carnč go up along the CAI 505 trail until the asphalt road. Turn right until S.P. Valletta and Torre Pratesi. On the road that goes down to Torre Cavina turn left into the 505 trail for M. Giornetto and Ca’ di Bago. Here continue until il Poggio and Ca' Baderza, where you head down right towards the Sintria. Continue on the left along the valley road until il Poggiolo. Before reaching the buildings turn left into a cart road that goes up to Valdifusa, stay on the left until you are under M. Cece (m 765). Go down under the ridge up to Campoloro and after a few curves into the Senio valley near Ca' Nova di Baffadi. Continue on the right for 140 m along the S.P. Casolana, after the bridge take the left for the church of Baffadi. Go up on the right along rio Cestina until Mulino Balagaio where you cross the river and go up to Budrio. Go up east to M. Carnevale and then turn right along the CAI 701 cart road for Canovazza and Croce. Go around left of the Rocca of M. Battaglia and then down towards Passo del Prugno. Take the provincial road for 1.5 km towards Casola then turn left into a cart road until the pilaster of Roncosole, the chestnut grove of Campiuno and Monticelli. Go up to the left to the houses of M. Battagliola and then left again to the watershed up to the CAI 705 trail at Ca' Budrio. Cross the sinkhole and take the cart road on the right that goes down to Ca' Siepe and continue to the church of Sasso Letroso. Of the asphalt road cross the S.P. Casolana to see the Senio river. Turn left along the cart road that goes along the river, past the sports ground and up to the bridge; here turn right into the cart road that goes up to Crivellari. After the houses go up left towards the crest of the Chalk Vein near Ca' Faggia. Continue along the road under the crest up to the road for M. Mauro and follow it down to Canovetta, where we continue right until we reach a large gully amphitheatre, then the Ca' di Sasso. Past the rock of M. Mauro take the trail that goes down to the Sintria valley, follow the road to the left for 1,700 m, then turn right into the cart road that leads to Castelnuovo and then to Parco Carnč. Please take care when passing through the sections of normal traffic.
Itinerary:The itinerary is around 70 km long and can be done in one stretch or divided into parts over several days taking advantage of the accommodation structures along the itinerary.

Corolla delle Ginestre

Last updated: 27/11/2013