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Itinerary details: The most beautiful and most tranquil itinerary on bike compared to the direct access (via S.Lucia) is that of Via San Martino. Enter this street on the south side of Faenza near the Ponte Rosso, from which the provincial road 16 for Modigliana begins. Just after the bridge turn left into via San Martino, a quiet municipal country road with little or no traffic. Follow it to the end, first past the “shooting area” and then the furnace of the same name, a beautiful example of industrial architecture that is now abandoned. The road is pleasantly winding and flows into via Santa Lucia at a crossroads where we turn left and then immediately right into via San Mamante. If you have time it is possible to extend the itinerary and go along this road for a couple of kilometres and then take the second side street on the right (via San Biagio Antico), which goes up the hill next to Oriolo and then down past the Salita quarry from which on the right there is the final section that leads to the tower and the small town (via di Oriolo). Otherwise you can reach the town along via San Mamante  and turn right into the third side street.
If you are on a mountain bike you can make a variation that consists of going up directly from Santa Lucia for via Balzetta (second on the left after the church) that is steep and a dirt road and reaches via San Biagio Antico. Go along this street for a small section to then turn into the first deviation on the right that goes up the panoramic location of the same name (once a church, today a restaurant). Continue for casa Balda and you finally end up on the road south of the Oriolo Tower (which is near and clearly visible, and can be reached by turning left here).Additional information: From Oriolo you can take other mountain bike itineraries along country cart roads and trails. There are four marked with painted signs. They reach the nearby destinations of the church of San Mamante from the San Biagio Antico hill, or from the gullies to the south (under Monte Piano and under the intersection between via San Mamante and via Roncona).
Itinerary:Suitable for both “normal” city or touring bikes (in this case follow the first part of the itinerary on asphalt) or mountain bikes (follow the second part and the additional information).


Last updated: 27/11/2013