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Casola Valsenio, Cą del Vento, Baffadi, Casola Valsenio

Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: Take the SS 306 in the direction of Palazzuolo sul Senio, crossing over three bridges of Cantone, Baffadi and Cozzo in succession, after which turn left and take the dirt road that goes along the slope starting from the village of Cozzo (m. 260 a.s.l.). The road is about 5 km long and very difficult and finishes at a height of 590 m. a.s.l. at the Spicco farmhouse, over which rises Monte Cece (m. 759 a.s.l.) on the south. A false plain leads to Cą del Vento where the downhill stretch along the valley of Rio Dozzone begins.
After crossing the river there is a brief uphill stretch that cuts over the Senio river, then a brief downhill stretch leads to the SS 306, where we turn right and return to Casola Valsenio.
Additional information: This itinerary makes it possible to see some of the beautiful panorama of Casola Valsenio.
Itinerary: The itinerary lasts 2.5 hours over 18 km.



When: The itinerary is suitable all year round, with the exception of rainy days.

Last updated: 27/11/2013