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Casola Valsenio, Crocicchio di Settefonti, Ceruno, Rio Pagnano, Casola Valsenio

Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: Take the SS 306 for Riolo Terme, then deviate to the right and take the SP for Zattaglia. A long downhill stretch leads to the Arsella bridge over the Senio river and into a curved stretch that goes up. The uphill road leads to the top of the crest (441 a.s.l.) between the Valley of the Senio River and the Sintria Stream near Monte Albano. Here go to the right and leave the asphalt road for the dirt track.Along the road under the crest there is a crossroads over the church of the Settefonti. From here we reach Oriandoli for a brief uphill stretch to the casa Castellano (m. 493 a.s.l.). We then go down to Ceruno, known as the “cradle” of the Ceronesi family that dominated the Senio valley between the 15th and 16th centuries. A downhill road that passes the Pace, Vittoria and Soglia houses and ends up in the municipal road of Rio Pagnano. Here turn right and a steep downhill and then just as steep uphill stretch take us back to the town. 
Additional information: The itinerary makes it possible to see some of the beautiful panorama of Casola and its surrounding hills.
Itinerary:The itinerary lasts 2 hours over 14.5 km.



When: The itinerary is suitable all year round, with the exception of rainy days.

Last updated: 27/11/2013