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Casola Valsenio, Monte Battagliola, ANIC quarry, Casola Valsenio

Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: Take the SS 306 in the direction of Riolo Terme for around 5 km. After a slight downhill stretch and at the end of a long straight turn left and go up towards the crest along an asphalt road for a good part of the way. At the top take the direction of the Chalk Vein following to the border of the municipalities of Casola Valsenio and Borgo Tossignano. Along the way there is the house of Monte Battagliola (m. 424 a.s.l.), where the crest intersects the Chalk Vein almost perpendicularly (running through the borders between Casola, Borgo Tossignano and Riolo Terme). Here the downhill road along the north slope of the Vein begins passing near the church of Sasso Letroso (m. 306 a.s.l.) and continues up to Cą Nova di Rivola (146 a.s.l.), where we take the SS 306 to return.
After the first curve turn left towards the ANIC quarry and then take the first right into the dirt road that leads to the road of Mongardino, once again of asphalt. The itinerary continues along the river and then gees up along the canal of Rio Crette. Here a false plain begins then a valley that leads into the provincial road for Zattaglia where we turn right into the downhill road that leads to the Senio river. After the Arsella bridge is a long but easy uphill stretch that goes back to the SS 306 that we take again after entering the town of Casola Valsenio.
Additional information: The itinerary takes us along historical architecture elements of Casola and a varied surrounding landscape.


Last updated: 27/11/2013