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Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza
Localities: Castel Raniero e Olmatello

Tourist offices: I.A.T. Faenza

Itinary details: Leave Faenza from Via Canal Grande or Via Firenze heading south. The two roads meet at the so-called "Bocche dei Canali", where the state road 302 "Brisighellese" begins. Turn right here in the first side street (Via Castel Raniero) after the intersection. Proceed uphill along a small municipal asphalt road with no traffic to the Castel Raniero locality (a small church to the left of a crossroads, clearly visible from the road we are on). Continue further uphill for another 2 km (after 4-5 completed up until now) to a marked curve on the right where the hill ends. Here we leave the asphalt road and proceed along the trail (CAI 505, with white-red markings) that starts from the gate of a villa and turns decisively right in a suggestive “tunnel” route through elders and oaks. Leave the small bush on the marvellous natural balcony of Olmatello with its monumental pines (see relative information sheet) that faces the underlying badlands of San Cristoforo (panorama). Continue along the trail that is narrow buteasily accessible with a mountain bike, along old hedges and a vineyard until reaching (watch the steep final jump, better on foot) the municipal road. Here turn left on a dirt road on the crest with beautiful panoramas (again of Olmatello and the badlands) and we leave the Municipality of Faenza to enter the Municipality of Brisighella. We re-enter Faenza soon after, when we have reached Via Pideura (again over panoramas of badlands), turn right to pass the old church of the same name and continue to the next intersection and turn right again into Via Rio di Biscia, an asphalt road that goes downhill to the bottom of the valley.

Access and requirements: A mountain bike is necessary for completing the entire itinerary, unless wanting to reach only the Olmatello locality and coming back along the same road; in this case, a normal touring bicycle is sufficient.

Last updated: 27/11/2013