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Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza
Localities: strade di campagne della zona compresa fra Sarna e Marzeno

Tourist offices: I.A.T. Faenza

A bicycle itinerary over the hills between Lamone and Marzeno

Itinerary details: With a normal bicycle (city, touring or racing bike), keep to the following itinerary: leave Faenza from the south side along the provincial road No. 16 "Modiglianese" and then leave it almost immediately and turn right into Via Sarna. Proceed up to the Canalacci forest and after having cycled around it, turn right into Via Chiusa di Errano. At the following intersection continue straight – we advise a brief deviation to the underlying Hydraulic closure of the Lamone river that has an overbridge built in the 1930’s, recently restored – for Via Galamina, which runs into Via Sarna in the vicinity of the small church cemetery. From here – after an intermediary visit of the church (see relative information sheet) – take the return route, left for a couple of km until the intersection just before Villa Gessi, then turn right into Via Tuliero. This road takes us back onto the provincial road 16 "Modiglianese" after having crossed a pleasant piece of countryside with the modern residential area of Borgo Tuliero. With a mountain bike we advise, from Sarna, to proceed uphill for Via Marazzi, initially an asphalt road and then a dirt road and very steep in its final section, which reaches the watershed behind the Marzeno stream. Turn right here and go down to Marzeno along Via Pian di Vicchio, with beautiful views over the badlands. To the left we pass under the "quercione di Sarna" (a large bay oak right at the top of a round hill) and, after a small plain with a panoramic view of Faenza, we go down a very steep pathway amongst the fields to a farmhouse with three oaks. From here we continue left down the borders of a vineyard and end up in one of the branches that all have the name of Via Babaccia (that ends up in Via Tuliero in the vicinity of the Castelletto of Via Gessi). Diversely, continue straight along the entire crest between Lamone and Marzeno, passing the Belvedere locality and finally down to Borgo Tuliero along Via Cornacchia.

Access and requirements: By bicycle: normal (touring bike or racing bike and if so, keep to the first itinerary), or by mountain bike.

Last updated: 27/11/2013