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Welcome to the official website of Terre di Faenza

Brisighella, Fognano, Via Ramona, Rontana, Baia Volpe, Brisighella


Tourist offices: U.I.T. Brisighella

Itinerary details: As the itinerary is highly technical, contact Pro-loco in Brisighella for information where you can purchase the "9 itineraries in mountain-bike" – the itinerary is included in the book.
Additional information: At 3 km into the route there is the Osteria "Ponte Nono".
Itinerary: It is an easy route of 13.5 km with 7.4 Km. asphalt and 6.1 Km. uncovered.

Period open: The route can be followed all year round even on wet ground up to 10.53 km

Organisation: Free

Last updated: 27/11/2013