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From Riolo Terme to Torre del Marino

Tourist offices: I.A.T. Riolo Terme

Itinerary details: From Riolo Terme take Via Limisano (Near the Spa buildings) as far as the Villa Vezzano Church. After the Church turn right and continue towards Villa Malagola where the road goes up to Torre del Marino. From here carry on towards Monte Rinaldo and Casalino as far as the road for Castelbolognese - Tebano. Passing the bridge on the left after Tebano Church continue towards Riolo Terme as far as Campiano where you turn right onto the SS 306 and continue to the next turning where you turn left and the road goes uphill to Monte Ghebbio. Once at the top, turn left and go downhill as far as La Lanterna disco, past the disco turn left again and go downhill into Riolo Terme.
Additional information: The Torre del Marino was built towards the end of the XV century for defence purposes.
Itinerary: A mountain bike itinerary of 14 km.



When: Possible all year round with the exception of rainy days.

Organisation: Free

Access and requirements: A guide with map is available from the Ufficio IAT at Riolo Terme with details of the route.

Last updated: 27/11/2013