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From Riolo to Monte Mauro

Fig.1: Cover of book containing itinerary

Tourist offices: I.A.T. Riolo Terme

Itinerary details: Turn left from Via Fornace, into the SS 306, after Terme di Riolo, continue past Trovatona to Casetta del Vento. Follow signs to Monte Besdone and il Canovetto, then turn left to then turn left again up an incline until you reach Monte Mauro. Then descend towards Ca Foggia down a tortuous path called "i Gessi" to Ca Sasso. Turn right along the so called "strada vecchia dei crivellari" to Molino Costa. The rout goes past the little lakes of Rio Ferrato where after about 200 m take the right hand road to Salvarella and descend once again into Via Fornace.Additional information: M.te Mauro has various large karst formations typical of chalk, including sink holes.
Itinerary : 22 km by bike



When: Possible all year round with the exception of rainy days.

Organisation: Free

Access and requirements: A guide with map is available at the Office IAT at Riolo Terme giving details of the route.

Last updated: 27/11/2013