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Itinerary around Monte Cece Itinerary around Monte Cece Itinerary around Monte Cece

Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: Leaving from the Piazzale della Chiesa S. Maria Assunta of Casola Valsenio, you go down and pass the river and continue until Pagnano at km 1.1 where you turn right. After some apparently flat ground for about 1 km. a fairly challenging asphalted incline begins. At km. 4.6, the asphalt finishes and near the Rive del Cerro (m. 604 a.s.l.) you will find a pillar dedicated to the Madonna. From here descend to Valdifusa, and at km. 7.9 turn right on the unpaved road and again take the short but challenging incline. At km. 9.5, the track forms a small square at the highest point of the trek (Monte Cece, m. 795 a.s.l., can be reached on foot in a few minutes). To the right there is a path which descends rapidly; take it passing Spicco and Ca Banzuole (m. 528 a.s.l.), arriving at SS 306 in front of the church Chiesa di Baffardi, 4.5 km. from Casola Valsenio.
Additional information: This trail is challenging for its rather steep inclines. It takes you very close to Monte Cece (m. 759 a.s.l.), the highest point of Casola Valsenio. Ideal for those who love places which are seldom visited.
Itinerary: A 16.5 km. course with an altitude difference of 600m.



When: Possible all year round with the exception of rainy days.

Organisation: Free

Access and requirements: At the IAT office Casola Valsenio you can pick up a guide book with a detailed description of the mountain bike trail.

Last updated: 27/11/2013