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Casola V., Rive del Cerro, Poggiolo, S'Andrea, Pagnano, Casola V.

Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: Take the SS 306 towards Palazzuolo sul Senio, after Cantone bridge (the first bridge along the State road) leave the road and turn left down an asphalt road which goes up along the right hand side of the valley as far as the casa Pastugolo (m. 482 a.s.l.). The road is fairly flat until the end of the asphalt when it begins to rise quite steeply to m 604 a.s.l. from the Bank of the Cerro. The road descends rapidly then levels out for a while where you pass the structure on Monte Cece (m. 759) and the Chiesa di Valdifusa. The road then descends again to the bottom of the Sintria valley in Poggiolo (m. 419 a.s.l.). Turn left here and follow a long section which gradually descends alongside the Sintria stream which runs along the borders between the districts of Casola Valsenio and Brisighella. After about km. 5 turn left and begin the rise which takes us up to the Chiesa di Sant'Andrea (m. 341 a.s.l.).Once over the ridge, the road descends towards the Senio, and after a short while is once again asphalt. Once near the village pass in front of the Chiesa di Pagnano, down a steep slope over the bridge della Soglia, into Casola Valsenio.
Additional information: This route takes you through typical Apennine landscape.

Access and requirements: You can get the guide "In giro con la Mountain Bike" (Touring by Mountain Bike) plus map at the IAT Office in Casola Valsenio in Via Roma, 50. This guide was produced by the Casola Valsenio Local Authority and Pro-loco.

Last updated: 27/11/2013