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Casola Valsenio-Torre di Ceruno (Ceruno Tower)

Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Itinerary details: From Casola Valsenio take the road to Zattaglia and Monte Albano until you come to the deviation for Sette Fonti. From here the route descends to the road which follows the Torrente Sintria and after 100 metres turns right and goes up until it reaches Casone and Albergo. Continue until Collina, where you turn left into the road for Torre di Ceruno. The route returns to Casola passing the old road "Calgheria".
Additional information: This route takes you through some fascinating and unusual countryside.
Itinerary: A Mountain Bike itinerary of 17 Km.



When: From March to October with the exception of rainy days

Organisation: Free.

Last updated: 27/11/2013