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Welcome to the official website of Terre di Faenza

Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali

Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza

Address: Via Medaglie d'Oro, 51


Telephone: 338/1600208
E-mail: info@museoscienzefaenza.it

Tourist offices:

Description: The museum houses an interesting naturalistic collection: the Malmerendi ornithological and entomological collections, minerals, fossils, and speleological exhibits of the Faenza Speleological Group, as well as important paleontological remains discovered in the Faenza region. Amongst these we can point out the elephant skull (Mammuthus meridionalis) found along with remains of a bison, a rhinoceros and a hippopotamus in the “Sabbie Gialle” (yellow sands) in Oriolo, Faenza, and the bones excavated in the “Gessi” in Brisighella.

THE BOTANICAL GARDEN annexed to the Natural Science Museum of Faenza was started at the beginning of the 1980’s. Currently the Pangea Cultural Association collaborates in running the garden and over recent years has remarkably increased the number of species present. The garden is the “living section of the Museum” and has around 170 tree and shrub species (the number is increasing) including the almost totality of plants that are native to the local flora. Identification of each plant is included on the cards marked in different colours: green indicates species of Romagnolo flora, white species from other parts of Italy, black for exotic species or in any case, not autochthonous flora. The more recent essences have been planted trying to give examples of natural associations that can be seen locally or that are tied to special environments due to the conditions of the substrata or for the microclimatic context.


Period open: by appointment only.


Entrance fee: entrance to the museum is free.

Directions: From the motorway exit go down Via Granarolo towards Faenza Centro. At the roundabout after the railway fly-over turn right into Viale IV Novembre. At the traffic lights turn right into Viale Baccarini and then left into Via Laghi. At the traffic lights turn right into Via Medaglie d’Oro; the museum is on the right before reaching the railway level-crossing.

Last updated: 13/11/2013