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Civic Museum of SS. Annunziata


Address: Piazza Gonzaga, 1


Telephone: 0546/618421
Fax: 0546/618484

Tourist offices:

Explaination: The idea of making paintings belonging to the Municipality of Solarolo visible for the public goes back to 1989, coinciding with the termination of restoration works to the Palazzo Comunale. The building that houses the collection dates back to the post-war period and is erected on the same site as the old Palazzo Comunale: in fact, this 1300ís planned town was almost completely destroyed during the second world war, as it was situated along the Gothic Line. The works present today in the collection come from the old oratory of the Annunziata in Solarolo and, before becoming municipal property, belonged to the Congregation for Charity and Piety. The collection is exhibited in the council room of the Palazzo Comunale. From the entrance on the ground floor,we enter through a monumental staircase to the large hall on the first floor, a space distributed for offices and for the council room. It is made up of a large single room divided into two areas by a wooden balustrade. Along the side walls there is a succession of opening doors, and in between these doors the works of art have been arranged. Both the architecture and the furnishing date back mainly to the 1950ís. The current lighting system in the hall is made of neon elements and has not been conceived specifically for the set-up. At the centre of the back wall is a marble relief of the 1400ís by Francesco di Simone Ferrucci, a student of Desiderio da Settignano, depicting a Madonna with Child. Other works include 1700ís canvases, a 1630 torn fresco from the Oratory of the Annunziata and an Annunciation of the Faentine painter G. B. Bertucci of 1599.


Weekdays: by appointment only.

Directions: In the centre of the town inside the Palazzo Comunale.

Last updated: 14/11/2013