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Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Tiberiaci

Location: Monte Mauro

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Description: On the mountain of the same name between Riolo Terme and Brisighella is the almost one thousand year old Church of Monte Mauro (505m a.s.l.), which has survived the adjacent castle “castrum tiberiacis” that dates back to 953 and now completely destroyed and that once stood at the top of the mountain. This church like many others was richly adorned and could therefore rely for its the normal maintenance on various people, called canons, dedicated to worship inside the church. The church was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, who from the 1600’s up to the beginning of the century was the vicariate of the mountain, and was hidden amongst the dense vegetation where only its characteristic bell tower could be seen and with access only via a mule track. Roads to the church were built in the second half of the 1900’s. The building belonged to the Municipality of Brisighella and was dedicated to M.Assunta in Cielo. In 932 the church was nominated as Santa Maria in Tiveriaci (after a district that is still to be discovered) and then as S. Maria in Tiberiaci (1104-1126). In the Municipality of Brisighella it was remembered as Montemaggiore, whilst in parish documents it was referred to as Monte Maore and then as Montemauro from last century.

The church is made completely of chalk and was restored in 1574: the main altar had a painting of the Assunta that already in the same year had been retouched to bring life back to the colours (it was then replaced with another canvas). The church was almost completely rebuilt in 1818.

The church had various jurisdictions in the Senio and Sinitria areas with ample properties both on the hills and in the plain (Solarolo). For centuries the parish population was of around 270 souls with a slight increase at the beginning of last century. The parish was then suppressed and the church joined with Riolo Terme.

Additional notes: Thanks to the commitment of a group of volunteers coordinated by Don Massimo Randi and the collaboration of the Soprintendenza ai Monumenti di Ravenna, the church is now fully restored.


Directions: From Brisighella take the provincial street toward Riolo Terme. At the intersection for Zattaglia, turn left and follow the signs for Mount Mauro.

Last updated: 31/10/2013