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Santa Maria della Pace


Address: Via Emilia Levante, 1300

Telephone: 0546/50096

Tourist offices:

Explaination: The church of Santa Maria della Pace was built in 1171, as a remembrance to the peace made between the Faentines and the Bolognans after a war fought the same year in the vicinity of Ponte di San Procolo, on the Senio river. On the 16th May 1501, the church was given to the order of the Camaldolesi monks after which came priests as parish priests. The church was located at the top of the via Emilia with the cemetery next to it. During the encampment of the war front on the Senio the church was destroyed as it was too close to the river. The new church was rebuilt in 1949 further down the via Emilia and was opened for worship on the 11th August 1950. The cemetery was not moved and therefore can still be found further up the via Emilia.The church fašade is very simple with two side columns in face brick and an arch that closes in the wide door and rose window. The belfry rises to the left of the church.Inside there is an altar piece, a 16th century fresco and a tabernacle in white marble of the 15th centurysculptured in bas-relief.A marble stone placed on the small right pilaster of the entrance gate reminds us of the episode that gave origin to the church.

Holiday timetable: Holy Mass on Sundays and Public Holidays is celebrated at 9.45 am.

Directions: When driving along via Emilia from Castel Bolognese towards Faenza, the church is on the left just out of the town, before Ponte del Castello.

Last updated: 30/10/2013