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Campanile di S.Maria ad Nives

Municipalities: Municipalities:Faenza
Address: Piazzetta San Rocco

Tourist offices: I.A.T. Faenza

The most famous monument from the high-medieval period in Faenza, erected by the Black Benedictines from S.Maria Foris Portam in the IX century.

Explaination: Dating back to the IX century, the bell tower was erected by using the remains of even more ancient material, including that from Roman times. The structural planning of this bell tower is unique in its kind while, at the same time, it has similarities with those from the Ravenna area, especially with regards to the base with spurs that join up the four corners to the external octagonal structure which holds the staircase that winds around the internal cylindrical flue. Beneath the XII century belfry a second belfry with central columns and small covering arches was built (a kind of “elevated crypt”), devoted to San Pier Damiano, who died in the monastery guest-rooms near to the bell tower base on February 22nd 1072. The top was damaged by cannon shots in 1944; the section was rebuilt after the war, returning it to its original appearance which, in the year ‘400, had been modified by placing a spire on its roof.

Directions: The bell tower is normally locked; it can only be visited on certain holidays (the San Rocco fair, the week of the Palio) or by asking the parish priest of S. Maria Vecchia for permission to visit it. The tower can be reached by car or on foot (if arriving on foot from the town centre, go along Via Severoli then S.Maria dell’Angelo turning left into Via Cavour and then, shortly afterwards, right into Via Fiera, which will lead you to the San Rocco square where, on the left, you will find the lawn with the bell tower.

Last updated: 6/11/2013