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Rocca di Rontana

Address: Monte Rontana

Telephone: For information call the IAT office of Brisighella.

Tourist offices: U.I.T. Brisighella

Explaination: Today only a few ruins of a four cornered tower remain as testimony to the old “Castrum Rontanae” which, like many other castles of this region, has a troubled history rich in coup de théâtre. Mentioned for the first time in documents of 973 A.D., in 1178 the fortress passed to the City of Faenza, then to Forli and then again to Faenza where it was further fortified. Object of bitter dispute between the Ghibellines and the Guelfs during the second half of the XIII century, in 1292 it was taken from the Manfredi family by Maghinardo Pagani on behalf of the City of Faenza. Returned to the Manfredi family, by now people of Faenza, , during the XIV century the fortress was fought for by the Vatican. Then, having fallen in disuse and becoming a refuge for dangerous highwaymen, the fortress ingloriously came to an end when it was demolished on the orders of Pope Gregorio XIV.

Additional notes: Near the remains of the fortress there is a big cross placed as a reminder of the Holy Year in 1901 and restructured in 1961.


The fortress’s ruins can always be visited from the outside.

Directions: From Brisighella follow the panoramic street toward Riolo Terme. At the indications for the Parco Naturale Carne, take the steep incline which goes to Rontana.

Last updated: 6/11/2013