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Torre del Marino


Address: Via Torre del Marino, 15


Telephone: 0546/89190 (telephone number of the adjacent Farm Inn).

Tourist offices: U.I.T. Brisighella

Description: A characteristic square based tower is all in brick, with the exception of the rope finish which is in sandstone. The tower is missing its crenellations yet it still presents a lot of interesting military architecture of the renaissance. The Torre del Marino was erected toward the end of the XV century, for defensive reasons ( in fact it dominated the Valle del Senio and a large hill area) by the Naldi family and subsequently it belonged to the Rondinini family. This tower in addition, was the architectural prototype for the following Torri di Cavina (1491) and Torri di Pratesi (about 1510) located a few kilometres from Vena del Gesso. Following the wars ( it was the target of German artillery during World War II) the ceiling and some support vaults from various internal floors caved in. There are still traces of stairs and the remains of an enormous fire place.


The tower can always be visited from outside.


Admission is free.

Directions: From Brisighella take the provincial road toward Riolo Terme for about 10 km. When you reach the intersection, go toward the centre of Villa Vezzano where on the wall of the church it is possible to read the indications for Via Torre del Marino. After about 2 km. of a steep incline, you will reach the tower..

Last updated: 31/01/2019