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Torre di Cavina

Tourist offices: U.I.T. Brisighella

Explaination: The name Torre Cavina (Cavina Towers) or Torre di Cavina implies that at one time there were more than one tower in this town of the various members of the Cavina family. Their construction, however, would date back to the years between 1400 nd 1500; on today’s only survivor , the date 1592 was found with the initials C.A. (probably Antonio Cavina).

Additional notes: The name Cavina derives from "Caba" that is ravine or channel and it probably refers to the stream Sintria which ran into a deep and embanked river bed.


What remains of the old watchtower can always be visited from the outside.

Directions: The town Cavina, where the tower of the same name is located, can be reached from the state road that connects Brisighella and Marradi. At Fognano, take the provincial road for Valletta that goes up about 10 km. to the tower.

Last updated: 6/11/2013