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Rocca di Monte Battaglia


Tourist offices: U.I.T Casola Valsenio

Description: The fortress is situated on the peak of a watershed between the valleys Senio and Santerno on Casola Valsenio territory. The ruins known as Rocca di Monte Battaglia (Battle Mount Fortress) date back to the X11 century. Opposite the fortress is a bronze monument by Aldo Rontini which commemorates a tragic episode during the second world war when on 27th September 1944 the allied soldiers climbed up the mount to take the fortress under incessant fire and thick fog. The fortress was once again of strategic importance. The taking of the mount and fortress by the allies became a memorable event, over the next few days arms, ammunition and supplies were brought up the hill to create a strong hold from which to push back the Germans and force them to retreat. The name «Battle» does not refer to that event but its origins are uncertain. Some historians describe a great battle possibly fought here between the Goths and Byzantines around the middle of the first millennium. Others however locate the origins of the name in the Lombard period (VII/VIII century) the word battaglia (battle) is seen as an alteration of the word «pataia» still existent in local dialect which means the flap of the shirt which came un-tucked from the trousers in the wind. Certainly a standard or flag waved from the top of the tower as the Lombard army prepared for battle along the ridge between the Senio and Santerno valleys against the Esacarto forces. Wars and the forces of nature gradually wore down the ramparts, nevertheless some written evidence enables us to visualise the complete fortress. The oldest part was formed of large blocks of sand stone. An almost square tower was protected by two thick wall belts. The entrance appears to have been on the south-east side at the end of a steep path. It was a typical fortress erected to protect those who dominated the region from their enemies. Monte Battaglia has been a National Monument since 1931.


Period: The architectural and monumental complex can be visited all year round.

Directions: The fortress is about 6 km from Casola Valsenio and about 13 km from Fontanelice. You can reach it by following the S.P. 67 from Casola Valsenio towards Fontanelice for about 6 km and then following the signs to the Rocca (fortress).

Last updated: 9/12/2013