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Castles, towers, bell towers

Casola Valsenio
  • Campanile della Chiesa di Sopra  0
    Ruins and wall belfry belonging to the old castle church at Casola Valsenio, overlooking the village it dates back to the X111 century.
  • Rocca di Monte Battaglia 0
    Ruins of XII century fortress on Monte Battaglia (Battle Mountain), scene of fierce fighting during the second world war. Situated 715 metres above sea level.
  • Torre Civica 0
    Tower dates back to XVI and XV centuries, was the bell tower of Santa Lucia Church.
  • Campanile di S.Maria ad Nives 0
    The most famous monument from the high-medieval period in Faenza, erected by the Black Benedictines from S.Maria Foris Portam in the IX century.
  • Castelletto di Sarna  0
    A type of model-manor house, built in 1870 for ornamental and pastime reasons, on the hills at the rear of Villa Gessi.
  • Torre dell'Orologio 0

    A civic tower par excellence which dates back to the XVII century, even if the actual tower is an exact replica of the original one, which was destroyed in 1944.

  • Torre di Oriolo 0
    An almost unique example of its kind of a hexagonal “mastio” (keep) with a twin strut (extracted from a square from which two corners were cut to form a perfect hexagon shape).
Riolo Terme
  • Rocca di Riolo Terme 0

    The Riolo Terme, fortress dates back to XIV century, is a quadrangle construction, an interesting example of military fortification, which along with the old part of the village is surrounded by a wall.

Comune di Solarolo