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City parks and botanical gardens

Casola Valsenio
  • Herb Garden 0

    Journey to discover the medicinal plants their perfume and their colours

  • Serantini Gardens 0
    Small park area adjacent to the Stradone, modest but with interesting trees and of great recreational value.
  • Bertozzi Park 0
    Ex Stacchini park, behind the villa of the same name, on the Avenue.
  • Botanic Gardens 0
    Park area originally created for botanic and didactic purposes
  • Bucci Park 0
    The largest, most diverse and most interesting public gardens of Faenza
  • Canale Granarolo Park 0
    Park area obtained mainly through the “tombing” of the Naviglio canal that here flowed in the open air.
  • Costa Park 0
    Small and pleasant public gardens under the walls behind the Capuchin Church.
  • E. Zucchini Park 0
    Park area with sporting facilities between Via Fornarina and Via Saviotti
  • Gatti Park 0
    A green area of considerable size situated in Borgo Durbecco and dedicated to Riccardo Gatti, famous ceramist of the XX century.
  • Mita Park 0
    Small green area in Via Ravegnana, at the beginning of "Quartiere San Marco"
  • Parco Malmerendi - Malmerendi Park 0
    The ex Paganini-Paganelli nursery, today the botanic gardens that surround the Natural Science Museum.
  • Rocca Park 0

    Ex Rocca park, today gardens of Tondo, the first public garden of Faenza

  • Tassinari Park 0
    Ex private garden of Palazzo Tassinari, today a park open to the public.
  • The Magione Park 0

    Small but interesting garden, of historical and botanic interests.