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Traditional recipes

  • Cappelletti (caplèt) 6036

    Filled pasta obtained by folding square or round shape of pasta first into a triangle, then close the two extremities of the triangle together around your finger, to form the traditional “cappelletti” "hat" shape.

  • Capricci - handmade pasta 2001

    Oven baked pasta, filled with spinach, "besciamella" cheese sauce and ham.

  • Migliaccio - Migliaccio sweet 6036
    A typical sweet eaten during the carnival festivities. Originally it was prepared during the days when the pig was butchered in that, in fact fresh pig's blood was also added to the ingredients.
  • Orecchioni - Handmade pasta 6036
    Filled handmade half moon shaped pasta, whose preparation is similar to that of cappelletti.
  • Passatelli handmade pasta 6036
    A pasta for soup made with bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese.
  • Sapa or saba sweet syrup 6036
    A syrup made with fresh filtered and boiled wine must, used for making sweet "tortelli" pastries, and as an ingredient for tarts or other sweets or in its pure state.
  • Savor sweets 6036
    Sweets made with wine must and autumn fruit.
  • Tortelli di San Lazzaro - Filled pastries 2001
    Sweets with a chestnut filling that are eaten especially during the period of the Festa di S. Lazzaro festival, which in Faenza is traditionally celebrated in the Borgo Durbecco zone on the fifth Sunday of Lent.
  • Zuppa Inglese - Trifle-like sweet 2001
    A sweet made with a sponge like base or "savoiardi" biscuits topped with "crema pasticciera" custard and chocolate custard.