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Typical products

  • Albana di Romagna 6036
    "Vino romagnolo" A wine made exclusively from grapes picked in the region (only in the hills south of the Via Emilia). It was the first white wine to obtain the DOCG (Denominazione Origine Controllata Garantita) certification in 1987.
  • Cagnina di Romagna 6036
    A light ruby red wine with the perfume of dog roses, it has a medium sweet taste and is produced in the provinces of Forli - Cesena and Ravenna. It obtained Denominazione di Origine Controllata recognition on 17 March 1988.
  • Forgotten Fruit 7

    Fruit which was eaten once upon a time by the farming population of the hills, which now due to social and lifestyle changes plus new markets have become emarginalised and unknown.

  • L'olio di Brisighella 6

    In the Lamone Valley, the cultivation of olive has particularly old origins (II century). In 1996 the oil has obtained the DOP classification

  • Nectarine of Romagna 6036
    Fresh fruit with different varieties with yellow or white flesh.
  • Pagadebit (pay debt) di Romagna 6036
    Pagadebit (pay debt) owes its name to the great productivity of this vine, which manages to be reasonably productive even when weather conditions are not entirely favourable and other wine production is low.
  • Sangiovese di Romagna 6036
    Commonly known as black wine as early as the end of the XVIII century was drunk at wedding banquets.
  • Shallots of Romagna 8
    Typical product of the province obtained using natural methods safeguarding the environment. Therefore it cannot be cultivated following itself or lilies, potatoes, beetroots and cabbages.
  • The chestnut 7

    This type of chestnut has an elliptic shape and a size that varies from average to very large of sweet or very sweet flavour. The colour of the skin is light brown with darker lines and each husk contains two nuts, one or three are quite rare.

  • Trebbiano di Romagna 6036
    This vine is typical of the Romagna area where it is intensively cultivated, it probably originates from the eastern basin of the Mediterranean it is more thinly spread in Emilia and other wine producing areas of Italy.