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Welcome to the official website of Terre di Faenza

Bed & Breakfast

  • Al Mulino di S Eufemia 0

    Address:Via Rio Cò, 24
    Locality: San Cassiano

    Telephone and fax: 0546/86106 - cell. 338/9219553

    Ideal to spend a weekend surrounded by nature, for walks in the private park or for wishing in private lake.

  • Bed & Wine 0

    Address: Via XXIV Maggio

    Telephone: 333/2690514 - 0546/83160
    E-mail: afarolfi@bedwine.com

    Building dates back to early 1900, completly renovated. Situated 80 meters from the center of Brisighella.

  • Ca' Rossa 0

    Address: Via S. Cassiano, 68

    Telephone: 0546/86163 - 320/2186867

  • Eremo del Lupo 0

    Address: Via Rontana 44/a
    Locality: Rontana (Brisighella)

    Telephone e fax: 0546/81022
    E-mail: eremo_del_lupo@percorsietnici.net

    For a pleasant relaxing holiday in a healthy, alive and protected environment.

  • La Chiesuola 0

    Address: Via San Martino, 30
    Locality: San Martino in Gattara

    Telephone: 0546/87036
    Fax: 0546/87036
    E-mail: lachiesuola@live.it

    Country house surrounded by nature, near San Martino in Gattara.

  • Torre Pratesi 0
    Address: Via Cavina, 11

    Telefono: 335 694 20 21 - 335 652 28 41
    E-mail: info@torrepratesi.it

    A B&B made from an old Tower of the XIV century.

Casola Valsenio
  • Abaco 0
    Address: via Laghi, 21

    Telephone: 328/7465733
    E-mail: gf.dautore@libero.it

    B&B Abaco is a house with private garden easily reached from the station and a few minutes’ walk from the historical centre of Faenza.

  • Agora 0
    Address: via Orto Badia, 21

    Telephone: 0546/660637 cell. 347/5313073
    Fax: 0546/680011

    The Agora B&B offers hospitality in an apartment on the fourth floor with lift, in a quiet area a few minutes from the centre.
  • Al Museo 0

    Address: Via Oriani, 47

    Telephone and fax: 0546/662843
    E-mail: info@bbmuseo.it

    Independent house of the late 60s recentlyrestored garden around.
  • Brenta 0

    Address: Via Emilia, 45

    Telephone: 338/4900136

    Renovated farmhouse.

  • Ca' d'Arte 0
    Address: via Firenze, 145

    Telephone: 0546/21378 cell. 338/6618244
    E-mail: ca_darte@yahoo.it - info@cadarte.it

    The Ca' d'Arte B&B welcomes its guests in a liberty style villa with large garden a few minutes from the historical centre of Faenza.
  • Casa Manfredi 0
    Address: via Sarti, 18

    Telephone: 0546/660370 cell. 338/2115045 e 339/1547455

    Casa Manfredi offers its guests two small apartments in a quiet area a few steps from the centre of Faenza.
  • Casa Melandri 0

    Address: Via Nuova, 54

    Telephone: 335/6469300 - 0546/26243
    Telefax: 0546/26243
    E-mail: casamelandri@libero.it

    Casa Melandri welcomes its guest in a building recently renvated, 200 meters from the centre of Faenza and near to the International Ceramics Museum.

  • Centaurus 0

    Address: Via Carbonara, 10

    Telephone: 0545/79062 348/7498669
    Telefax: 0545/79062

    Ideal for relaxing, B&B Centaurus a recently renovated farmhouse located in a quiet position, a few minutes from Faenza and easy to be reached from the highway exit.


  • I Tigli 0

    Address: Via Firenze 75

    Telephone: 0546/22054 - 335/8385523
    Telefax: 0546/22054
    E-mail: infotiscali@i-tigli.it

    I Tigli offers a pleasant stay in a calm and cosy atmosphere, in a green oasis a few minutes from the city center, but in the peace of the countryside.

  • Podere Merlaschio 0

    Address: Via Merlaschio, 13

    Telephone: 0546/46351
    Telefax: 0546/46351
    E-mail: info@poderemerlaschio.it - info@locandamerlaschio.it

    The B&B is situated in the outskirts of the new industrial and commercial zone of Faenza, in the green countryside of Romagna.

  • Relax 0

    Address: Via Saviotti, 15

    Telephone: 339/5468887
    E-mail: info@casargnani.com

    Terraced house with car park in a very quiet area.

  • Sabbie Gialle 0

    Address: Via Monte Coralli, 9

    Telephone: 340/4626772

    Old farmhouse that dates back to 1700, with a a large garden, surrounded by green hills of Faenza.

Riolo Terme
  • B&B Rosa 0
    Address: Via Rio Vecchio, 16

    Telephone: 0546/74369

    Hotel located near Riolo Terme.

  • Gualdo di Sotto 0

    Address: Via Gualdo, 2/A
    Locality: Isola

    Telephone e fax: 0546/74103
    E-mail: miriam.pellico@libero.it

    A farmhouse surrounded by the countryside of Riolo, 2km from the town.

  • La Casa delle Rondini 0

    Address: Via Fornace, 1

    Telephone: 349/2690172 - 0546/70428
    E-mail: daniela65@gmail.com

    Bed and Breakfast situated near the Spa.

  • Poggiolino 0

    Address: Via Poggiolino 3/A

    Telephone: 0546/70674 - 339/8329118
    E-mail: mackydebo@yahoo.it

    The building dates back to 1500, recently renovated, maintaining its original features, surrounded by nature.

Comune di Solarolo
  • Cà San Cristoforo 0

    Address: Via Nuova Prati 5
    Locality: Castelnuovo

    Telephone: 338-7488295 / 335-7800270
    E-mail: dperoni@alice.it

    Situated at the foot of the Tuscan-Romagna hills and close to the Riviera, the B&B La Compagnia has two double rooms with bathroom (and the possibility of adding a third bed). Strategically positioned for all kinds of holidays, set in the green of the countryside but at the same time very close to the best known tourist resorts.

  • La Compagnia 0

    Address: Via Gaiano Casanola, 123
    Locality: Casanola

    Telephone: 0546/53158 - 335/5342008
    Fax: 0546/53158
    E-mail: info@lacompagniabb.it

    Situated in the heart of the countryside just near the hills on one side and the famous Riviera on the other side,the B&B La Compagnia features two double-rooms with attached bath (it is possible to add an extra bed). Whether for business or pleasure, La Compagnia will be a perfect location for your stay, surrounded by nature and very close to many important tourist spots.