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Holiday farms

  • Borgo Fregnano 0
    Address: Via Baccagnano, 37

    Telephone and fax: 0546/81536
    E-mail: borgofregnano@libero.it

    A Farm Inn immered in an oasis of nature.
  • Ca' Balbi 0

    Address:Via Mulino del Rosso, 18

    Telephone and fax: 0546/84965 cell. 347/2691282

    An old farmhouse dating back to 1875 completely renovated.

  • Ca' de Gatti 0

    Locality: San Mamante
    Address: Via Roncona, 1

    Telephone and fax: 0546/642202 cell. 339/2848391
    E-mail: info@cadegatti.it

    The Ca' de Gatti farm holiday centre, which takes its name from the owners of the year 1600, is located in the hills surrounding Faenza and Brisighella, in a panoramic position which is cool and breezy, and which spreads out over 38 hectares.
  • Corte dei Mori 0

    Address: Via Valpiana, 4

    Fax: 02 700402580

    27h farm

  • Farm House Pedrosola 0

    Address: Via S. Cassiano, 95

    Telephone and fax: 0546/86195 - 329/2661084

    Situated on the Apennine ring on the edges of the old road connecting Florence and Ravenna passing through Faenza, Pedrosola farmhouse holidays offers a peaceful stay among the green countryside just a few steps from the River Lamone and just a few kilometres from Brisighella.

  • Il Palazzo 0
    Address: Via Baccagnano, 11

    Telephone and 0546/80338

    Farm Holiday Inn with organic cultivation.

  • La Felce 0

    Address: Via Monte Mauro 8/B

    Telephone: 0546/73989 Cell. 338/8430029 - 335/8088907
    E-mail: info@agriturismolafelce.it

    Agriturismo La Felce (the Fern) is situated on the slope of Monte Mauro, the most interesting geological zone of the Regional Park "Vena del Gesso dell'Appennino Romagnolo"(" Vein of gypsum of the Apennines of Romagna"). It is an ideal place to spend relaxing time among the green of the vineyards.

  • La Quercia 0

    Address: Via Molino Rosso, 35

    Telephone: 0546/81824 - 339/5612708
    Telefax: 0546/81652
    E-mail: casasulrio@yahoo.it

    Farm Inn. Mainly a restaurant.

  • La Roccia 0

    Address: Via Gabellotta, 16

    Telephone: 0546/40250

    Farm Inn with the possibility of camping.

  • Oasi Giardino D'Autore 0

    Address:  Via Pideura, 11

    Telephone: 0546/33112 - cell. 333/6868802
    Fax: 0546/81615
    E-mail: oasiweb@email.it

    Farm Inn located 9km. from Faenza on the hills of Brisighella.

  • Podere Ovello  0

    Address: Via Fratelli Cardinali Cicognani, 37

    Telephone: 347/9608479
    Fax: 0546/81212

    Podere Ovello owned by count Ginanni Fantuzzi has been recently renovated, ideal for tourist.

  • Relais Campiume 0

    Address: Via Campiume, 6

    Telephone and fax: 0546/80112 Cell. 339/1137070

    Azienda Agrituristica Campiume is situated in the municipal district of Brisighella, on the spurs of the "Appennino Tosco Emiliano" and can offer you a pleasant and relaxing stay, in harmony with nature and in a place surrounded by gentle hills, vineyards and age-old olive groves.

  • Relais Varnello 0

    Address: Borgo Rontana, 34

    Telephone: 338/5498373
    E-mail: info@varnello.it

    These group of farm houses have been built with beautiful porticoes, there is a large wood oven and guests can stay in independent residences. Bed and breakfast is available in double rooms, suites or independent residences, there is total of 18 beds.

  • Rio Manzolo 0

    Address: Via Trieste, 99
    Locality: Villa Vezzano

    Telephone and fax: 0546-89084 cell. 339/7990144
    E-mail: riomanzolo@libero.it

    The Farm Holiday "Rio Manzolo" is situated in the low hills of Romagna along the river Senio valley. The ancient proprietary double court building, belonging to the family Rondinini.
    The farm and the Farm Inn is still run by the Rondinini's heirs.
    Guests can find accomodation in elegant and confortable rooms with bathroom, in an ancient and charming atmosphere, discovering the preserved details of the ancient building.

  • Torre del Marino 0

    Address: Via Torre del Marino, 45

    Telephone: 0546/1860013
    E-mail: agriturismo@torredelmarino.it

    Agriturismo "Torre del Marino" is situated in the hills of Brisighela, surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees, ideal for spending a nice vacation living a rural lifestyle.

  • Villa Liverzano 0

    Address: Via Valloni, 47
    Locality: Rontana

    Telephone and fax: 0546/80461

    A monastery like complex dating from the 16th/17th century.

Casola Valsenio
  • Il Poggiolo Valle Sintria 0

    Address: Via Sintria, 9

    Telephone: 0546/76080
    Telefax: 0546/76247
    E-mail: ilpoggiolovalsintria@libero.it

    In the heart of the small and luxuriant Val di Fusa, the farm inn was created by the restoration of the an old house tower of 1400, which still has some of its original parts.

  • La Cà Nova 0
    Address: Via Breta, 29

    Telephone and fax: 0546/75177 cell. 339/4413702
    E-mail: agriturcanova@libero.it

    Old farm house restructured and today transformed in a Faem Inn.

  • Mariano 0

    Address: Via Senio, 13

    Telephone:339/7990462 - 0546/73867
    Telefax: 054673867

    Mariano farm holiday resort is an old restored tower-house dating from the 16th century. The building features many important historic and architectural details, such as herringbone walls,underground ice-houses and ceramic remains dating from different historical ages and is located to the Chalk Vien Park.

  • Rio Conca 0

    Address: Via del Senio, 32

    Telephone: 0546/73648

    Renovated farm house, located in Casola Valsenio.

  • Ca' San Giovanni 0

    Address: Via Tebano, 42

    Telephone: 0546/47101 cell. 328/0030807
    Telefax: 0546/47101

    The farmhouse, with biological cultivations, is located in the hills of Romagna, surrounded by hedges, woodland, and the towering trees along the Senio river.
  • Calderino 0

    Address: Via Galamina, 11
    Locality: Sarna

    Telephone: 0546/43170 - 328/5968312
    E-mail: info@agriturismocalderino.it

    Situated in the hills of Romagna, its an ideal place to spend a vacation surrounded by nature.

  • Casa degli Ulivi 0

    Address: Via Tuliero, 102

    Telephone and fax: 0546/661398 cell. 333/5215791
    E-mail: casadegliulivi@libero.it

  • Il Contadino Telamone 0

    Address: Via Sacramora, 12
    Locality: Reda

    Telephone: 0546/639333 – Mobiles 338/4689855 - 339/7242643
    Fax: 0546/639333
    E-mail: info@ilcontadinotelamone.it

    Two hundred year old rural building renovated in a blend of old and new. Window enclosed arcade at the side.

  • La Curbastra 0

    Address:Via Cesarolo, 157

    Telephone:0546/32089 cell. 338/6102275
    Telefax: 0546/32089

    The La Curbastra farmhouse is located in an ancient homestead tracing back the early twentieth-century, surrounded by 26 hectares of orchards.
  • La Germana 0

    Address:Via Germana, 6

    Telephone and  fax: 0546/43395
    E-mail: agriturismolagermana@libero.it

    The farmhouse welcomes its guests in the historical building that hosted Frederick II of Swabia when he was in Faenza in the year 1200. The area is surrounded by woodlands and two lakes.

  • La Prosciutta 0

    Address:  Via Emilia Ponente, 104
    Locality: Ponte del Castello

    Telefax: 0546/620058

    "La Prosciutta" is family run, was inaugurated in March 2006. The farm house has been completly renovated and is located along Via Emilia, between Faenza and Imola, but far from the caos of the city. Its locatation permits to visit the sea, the hills and the art cities naerby.

  • La Sabbiona 0

    Address: Via di Oriolo, 10

    Telephone: 0546/642142
    Telefax: 0546/642355
    E-mail: info@lasabbiona.it

    The La Sabbiona farmhouse centre is at the foot of the Torre di Oriolo (a medieval fortress which is unique in its kind, restored into its present form in 1474) located in a magnificent natural setting just a few kilometres from Faenza.
  • Trere 0

    Address: Via Casale, 19

    Telefax: 0546/47012
    E-mail: trere@trere.com

    The Trere farm is on the lower hills that slope towards the city of Faenza, and covers an area of 34 hectares, mainly cultivated with vineyards, peach, pear and khaki trees.

Riolo Terme