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Room rentals, inns

Casola Valsenio
  • Il Cardello Inn 0

    Address: Via Cardello, 5
    Locality: Casola Valsenio

    Telephone: 0546/73917 – 339/2000308
    Fax: 0546/73917
    E-mail: info@ilcardellolocanda.it

    The “Cardello Inn” stands on a smallholding owned by the Casa Oriani Foundation and is a careful renovation of the old farmhouse.

  • Abracadabra 0

    Address: Corso Mazzini, 111

    Telephone: 335/1826129
    Telefax: 0546/686280
    E-mail: info@abracadabra-faenza.it

    New hotel in the center of Faenza.

  • Cambiuzzi 0

    Address: via S. Cristoforo di Mezzeno, 1

    Telefax: 0546/46651

    Cambiuzzi is a renovated farmhouse in the peaceful countryside just outside Faenza.

  • Camera con Vista 0

    Address: Via Modigliana, 36

    Telephone: 0546/642099 - 347/2798858
    Telefax: 0546/642099
    E-mail: info@ccvfaenza.it

    Just 3km. from Faenza, in a panoramic position on the hills between Brisighella and Modigliana, this renovated old farmhouse features 5 warm and cosy rooms surrounded by a large garden.


  • Camera L'Una 0

    Address: Corso Mazzini, 157

    Telephone: 335/6002972

  • Casa Argnani 0

    Address: Via Deruta, 10

    Telephone and fax: 0546/46068 cell. 339/5468887

  • Casa Melandri 0

    Address: Via Nuova, 54

    Telephone: 335/6469300 - 0546/26243
    Fax: 0546/26243
    E-mail: casamelandri@libero.it

    A small family run hotel.

  • Fondo Riso 0

    Address: Via Ravegnana, 124

    Telephone: 0546/27231 cell. 349/5146946
    E-mail: info@fondoriso.it

    Completly renovated old building with large car park.

  • La Rosa Antica 0
    Address: via Risorgimento, 32

    Telephone: 0546/620110 cell. 335/5611595
    Telefax: 0546/620574

    “La Rosa Antica” is a recently renovated house with garden a few minutes from the centre.
  • Locanda del Naviglio 0
    Address: via Granarolo, 88

    Telefax: 0546/46023 - 0546/667930

    “Locanda del Naviglio” is a small 1800’s country house located 2 km from both the motorway exit and the centre of Faenza.
  • Locanda della Fortuna 0

    Address: via S. Mamante, 136 - Oriolo

    Telefax: 0546/642297

    Renovated farmhouse, cosy and surrounded by the green hills of Romagna.

  • Locanda Paradiso 0
    Address: via Gallo Marcucci, 49

    Telefax: 0546/694413

    “Locanda Paradiso” is a recently renovated house in a quiet area a few steps from the centre.