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In a pleasant hilly area between Riolo Terme and Brisighella there is a fascinating connection between the evocative aspect of the landscapes and the abundance of springs of therapeutic waters. The therapeutic effects of these waters were first documented in the 15th century, and today Brisighella and Riolo are modern, sophisticated spa centres.
Riolo Spa, set around a central nucleus in Liberty style, offers vaste range of services: the Spa Centre is equipped with a saline-bromine water swimming pool, a vascular itinerary, water jets for massage and treatments with mud that emerges spontaneously from the salse or mini-volcanoes of Bergullo. In the Medical-Aesthetic Centre you are offered personalised programmes for face and body as well as dietary check-ups. In the Natural Methodologies Centre you can benefit from therapies such as hay and aromatic flower baths, aromatherapy, clay-compresses, phytotherapy steam baths, Shiatsu, plantar reflexology, rebalancing and Watzu. At the Grand Hotel Terme, which is an integral part of the centre, guests can complete their programme with a diet based on a personalised organic menu.


Those who wish to take advantage of the medicinal properties of spring water in a more isolated and intimate context can go to the Brisighella Spa which offers among other services, also treatments with aerosol, atomizer and humage. There are also special departments for the cure of rhinogenous deafness, respiratory ailments and disturbances of the locomotory apparatus.
Located near the Spa is the Riolo Golf & Country Club where the highly technical 18 hole course stands on more than 200 hectares of uncontaminated nature. Hotels offer an excellent and diversified range of services not only for spa tourism (personalised menus are supplied for those under treatment) but also for trade fairs, school trips and sportspeople. Bike Hotels offer services and information useful to the cyclist. And it is precisely the bicycle that may be considered the best way of exploring these lands: there are many itineraries suitable for various needs and with different levels of difficulty, some of them particularly stimulating for mountain bike enthusiasts.

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Last updated: 6/02/2009