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Historical evocations


Romagna has never lost its roots and has preserved traditions connected with ancient customs and a deep awareness of its history. This continuity is borne out by the Mediaeval Festivals in Brisighella. Set up with the intention of binding the historical educational aspect with theatre and music, over the years they have seen increasing approval from a public which appreciates above all the care taken in the settings and the high level of the shows. Faenza too celebrates its history with the Palio del Niballo: the five districts of the town enliven the whole month of June with challenges between flag-throwers and drummers, festivals and bacchanals and the twofold "singolar tenzone" in which the knights face each other up in the Saracen joust. The coats-of-arms of the town districts once again can be seen six months later, this time on majolica mugs (gotti): the true stars (once filled with mulled wine) of the "Nott de Bis˛", when the Niballo (used as target in the Palio) is burnt on a bonfire, thus exorcising the passage from the old to the new year.


Another event inspired by the rite of passage is Halloween that takes place in Riolo Terme, and represents the period in which the Celtic new year marked the end of the old agricultural year and the beginning of the new. Popular belief was that during that night the dead returned to earth to propitiate future harvests. During this celebration Riolo Terme offers ritual foods, processions of witches, shows and torchlight processions. Being aware of your own traditions however does not mean denying the present. In summer there are many events enlivening the piazzas of "Terre di Faenza". "E...state in collina" features famous and up and coming names in Modern dance in the evocative backdrop of Brisighella; the comic and kids' theatre of "Casola Ŕ una favola" (Casola is a fairytale) and, in Riolo Terme, the music festival "Frogstock" featuring international rock stars and emerging local groups. In Faenza "TeatroMasiniEstate" offers concerts with famous names in the central Piazza del Popolo and more exclusive shows in Piazza Nenni or della Molinella. There are various street markets: antiques and various objects in Faenza and Brisighella, hobbyists' market in Riolo Terme, the famous medicinal plants and herbal products market in Casola Valsenio and the kids' market in Castelbolognese.

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Last updated: 6/02/2009