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Wine and food


Where Via Emilia meets the Lamone and the Senio valleys there begins the Sangiovese Wine and Dine Route of Faenza: a circuit of the delights of Romagna peasant life that winds along the Faenza Apennine to the boundary with Tuscany. Orchards, vineyards and olive groves accompany the traveller's eye, while his palate can enjoy the multiple flavours of a rich food basket. The wines have won high recognitions: Albana, the first Italian white wine to be awarded DOCG recognition, increasingly appreciated in the Raisin Wine version (Passito); the DOC white berry wines Trebbiano and Pagadebit, the DOC red berry wines Sangiovese and Cagnina, right down to the typical DOC reds and whites of the Colli di Faenza.
This land offers excellent specialities: the Romagna Shallot (IGP since 1997), the renowed extra-virgin olive oil of Brisighella DOP (since 1996) in the two varieties "Brisighello" and "Brisighella", plus other varieties such as: the crus "Nobil Drupa" and "Orfanello", cheeses such as squaquerone and raviggiolo made from cow's milk, and cheeses such as pecorino and caprino made from sheep's and goat's milk, also aromatised with herbs.


Some of these slopes are a rich pastureland for Razza Romagnola cattle, whose meat is excellent, and for the Mora Romagnola, a rare breed of pig that supplies top quality charcuterie. Excellent ovine meat is produced in this area with a strong wavranty concerning quality and provenience (QC, controlled quality)
The IGP Romagna Peaches and Nectarines as well as kiwis and apricots are grown throughtout the plains while chestnuts (marroni), medlars and cornelian cherries grow in the Apennine. In honour of these and other ancient varieties of fruit, such as volpina pears, sorb apples and jujubes, in autumn Casola Valsenio organises the Festival of Forgotten Fruit and Brisighella dedicates four Sundays to typical valley products: the delights of the pork, volpina pears, truffles and extra-virgin olive oil.


The towns and villages of "Terre di Faenza" offer many other occasions to step into a microcosm of varied and ancient senses: in Brisighella the Chest of Flavours (Arca dei Savori), with traditional food tasting; in Casola Valsenio at the Herb Street Market, you can see and buy medicinal plants and herbal products. And every spring, for the gastronomic event (called Piatto Verde), thematic menus featuring the use of aromatic plants are proposed. The restaurants, who love this land and know how to enhance local products, propose in Summer Ceramica in tavola (Ceramic on the table), an event that combines good cuisine with ceramic art and in autumn AutAut with theme menus that permit to discover and taste autumn specialities.
The circle closes with the Faenza trade fair: (Enologica) Wine and the Typical Product Fair presents the best wine and food from "Terre di Faenza" and the whole of Romagna Region.

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Last updated: 28/09/2010