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Halloween Festival - Riolo Terme


Address: Historical center of the town
Tourist information: 0546/71044
Booking spaces: +39 333 8835296

Tourist offices: I.A.T. Riolo Terme

When:áThursdayá31 October 2019
Programme: During the festival along the main streets, in the parks and in the squares of the town you may be immerged in a dimension of a very old past, surrounded by celtic villages (Gauls) that were once present in this area. It is an opportunity to learn something regarding Celtic rites, such as the lighting of the sacred fire and the eternal struggle between good and evil, with parades and shows along the streets. All this without forgetting the festive atmosphere and traditional celtic specialities. Spitroasted veal,stews, pork,and good local wine. The festival will be animated by parades and will end with a bonfire in front of the Fortress, and fireworks. The fest goes on , until the morning in the ex-church in Via Verdi with music and dances.

Historical origins: The Halloween Night festival started in Riolo in 1993, this is its 25th edition.
Motivations: In Romagna the passage from October to November was considered to be New Year. This originates from the Celtic calendar (the same as the American Halloween Night). It was believed that the dead came back to the earth to put everything right again after the agricultural productive cycle had finished and preparation begun for the next. The night was traditionally full of ritual, masks, ritual food and fireworks including pre-classical pagan rituals. The purpose of the festival was the exorcism of all negative forces which could disturb the community to ensure a good future.


From 16.00 to 24.00


Free entrance

Directions: To reach Riolo Terme from the north leave the motorway at Imola, and follow the Via Emilia towards Rimini, as far as Castelbolognese where you turn left into the SS 306, it is about 10 km to Riolo Terme. From the south leave the motorway at Faenza, and follow the via Emilia towards Bologna, as far as Castelbolognese, where you turn left into the SS 306 it is about 10 km to Riolo Terme.

Last updated: 15/10/2019