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Welcome to the official website of Terre di Faenza

Terme di Riolo Bagni (Spa)


Address: Via Firenze, 15


Telephone: 0546/71045
Telefax: 0546/71605
E-mail: info@termediriolo.it

Terme di Riolo was built in 1870 and is surrounded by a 12-hectare century-old park in the backdrop of the gentle hills of Romagna, where you can enjoy utmost tranquillity and rediscover the rhythms of nature, savour the superb regional wines and foods and visit places abounding in history and charm.
Points of excellence of the Spa, certified by the Ministry of Health as "Superior Level 1 Thermal Baths", are its precious natural resources: Vittoria, Breta, Margherita and Salsoiodica medicinal waters and the very fine mud from the "vulcanetti" ("little volcanoes", or mud springs) of Bergullo.
The Spa is a small universe of facilities that offers:
Specialist Centres
Ear, Nose and Throat Centre with a Children's Department
Classic spa treatments: mud-balneotherapy, cardio-vascular therapy, inhalation therapy, rhinogenic deafness, lung ventilation, hydropinic therapy, uro-genital treatments. 
Centre for Natural Methods
Nutrition Centre: computerised analysis of body composition, fat profile, food intolerance tests, metabolimetry tests, diagnostic and therpauetic rotocols, day spa and “remise en forme” programs.
Rehabilitation Centre: Specialist check-ups, Hydrokinesitherapy, rehabilitation exercise in thermal pool, orthopaedic exercise, massage, acupuncture, mesotherpay, physiotherapy (tens, laser, magnet therapy, electro stimulation, massage, lymphatic drainage).
Fitness room
Centre for Aesthetic Medicine: face and body spa treatments, peeling, massage and shape treatments, face and body aesthetic medicine, anti-âge filler treatment.
Wellness Centre: 32/34° thermal pool with salso-bromo-iodine mineral water and no added chlorine with 42 different hydromassage jets, horizontal, vertical and diagonal laminar flow jets, numerous lounge chairs and underwater seats and fitness equipment; vascular treatment path, thermarium with sauna, Turkish bath, Sensation showers, Drench shower, Relaxation area with tisanerie; fitness room.

Services available: The Spa has healthcare conventions with INAIL, INPS, and AUSL (for water hydromassage baths, therapy baths, hydropinic treatment, inhalation, mud treatments, uro-genital treatments, integrated treatment of controlled pulmonary ventilation).
Requirements: You will undergo a compulsory medical check-up before beginning any treatment. In addition, the Spa doctor will prescribe your personalised program choosing from the modern Ear, Nose and Throat Centre for otitis and sinusitis or the use of respiratory equipment such as inhalation, aerosol, humages and pulverisation (the only with no humidity or fog). For osteo-articulation problems mud and therapeutic baths complete with kinestherapy, massage, thermal pool and vascular course, also available in the Aesthetic Medicine Centre.
Our Centre for Natural Methods is new and highly specialised and takes care of establishing the balance between the mind and the body through phytotherapy, Kneipp hydrotherapy and avant-garde bio technology.
Finally, if you are visiting the Spa for a mud or therapeutic bath program, please bring results of a recent ECG.  


Opening period: From April 4nd to November 26nd
Closing days: classic thermal therapy is not available on Sundays and afternoons of public holidays.


Prices: Prices vary according to the individual therapies. For further information go to: http://www.termediriolo.it/terapie-termali/terapie-termali.php

Directions: Riolo Terme can be reached:- by train: get off at the station Castelbolognese-Riolo Terme, on the line Bologna-Ancona, and take the bus or a taxi to Riolo terme. - By car: take autostrada A14, get off at Imola (from Bologna), or Faenza (from Forlì or Ravenna); follow Via Emilia for about 10 km until you reach Castelbolognese. Take the SS 306 for about 7 km. to Riolo Terme.

Last updated: 14/01/2022